Right – wrong / should – should not

I heard a real story for someone who found a real love in his life and loose it forever…
If look at this story as the logical, you will find that many people know which one is RIGHT with one is WRONG
but many people hard to know which one is SHOULD DO which one SHOULD NOT DO..
even adult who are manager, executive management, might not solve this proble smoothly due to
should or should not will come form expereince, think as logical and NO ASSUME at all… that the story as below
PONG he is a boy from another province who moved to Bangkok for study and work. He live in Bankok and his life very simple, now he is a manager in the big company in Bangkok. He work and save money for his future untill he met PLOY, she is a quite girl who move to Bangkok for working as casual. Her family is very poor, she can study only high shcool level. They are cross ship as boyfrien – girlfriend, Ploy do and prepare every thing for Pong, she treat him as a prince in her life. Pong love her as look at think she can be a good wife, she quite, neatly, no fashion as city people do it. They stay together as husband and wife and will get married in the next two years..
One day, Pong met NAM, she is new Chief Accountant in his company, NAM is a nice women, lifely, happiness, talkative, take care, she has a very good apperence and attract all guys when see her, including Pong…
He falling in love with Nam since the first time he met her.. Love at first sight was happened to Pong but he always remind himself that she too hight and more far from him base on his life stlye.
However, then are crosship as boyfriend – girlfriend and Nam always know that Pong already has girlfriend.
Pong never stop the relationship betwenn Nam because he love Nam…
to him, Nam is too hight, she is princess for him. Sometimes he scare that she will leave him alone when she met someone who better than him
Untill that day comming, Nam ask him to choose only one person
PONG he try his best to make decision as below
1. I stay with her more than 2 years
2. Her character is quite, shy, no friend, take care myself, love me, and never leave me
3. She never follow the fashion, always save money for our future
1. I met her only 3 months
2. Her character is always attractive other people especialy guys as she may leave me when she met other guy who better than me
3. She use brand name, has a lot of friend, party, and spend a lot of money for fashion
Finally, Pong choose Ploy even he love Nam
He knew which one is right, which one is wrong
He knew that Ploy never make him scare or afriad about couple life
He knew that he should not leave Ploy alone cause she never did any thing wrong
But he forget something, that he should do as logical decision should not forget it
Nam explain to him that
She love him, she know that he afriad that she might love other guy who better than him
but she said "I love you because you are not because of money or social or what so ever"
She explaint to him that why she buy brand name because it can use longer than 10 years
He never ever ask, convince, or discuss before make decision that the big mistake caused in his life
He did correct that he consider in SHOULD OR SHOULD NOT rather than LIKE OR DON’T LIKE
but SHOULD OR SHOULD NOT, should come from the truth not assume, otherwise cannot call logical dicision at all…!
However, I regret to know about this story….

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